Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pitter Patter

As I peer through my window, countless droplets of water obstruct my view to the outside world, and as I sit alone inside my dark room, the only noise I can hear is the symphony of the rain as it endlessly pours down our roof. It rarely rains in my place, as the weather here mostly ranges from sunny and cloudy. Right now, there is no one in my home, only me. Though as much as I continue to yearn for someone, I am thankful for this moment of solitude.

With solitude comes thoughts over how pathetic my life is however, so I tune it out by opening my PS3 and playing this game I've got. It's Resonance of Fate, which I only got 40 bucks new online. People's opinions about it are heavily mixed, so I guess I have to find it out myself.

I love the rainy season.


  1. I loved rain up until I went to college
    It has rained nonstop here for almost 3 weeks
    the streets are now rivers
    the drains have long been full
    and all the professors say its normal weather

  2. My post about the rain is my response to your post about the rain.

    I love the rain. No better time for a recluse.

  3. RoF is different, but I liked it a lot.

  4. I like the rain, at least until I have to walk out in it.

  5. Rain drops hitting a wondow - my emergency sleep device :)

  6. I love the pitter patter of rain ^^

  7. I wish it would rain here, it's too hot ;_;