Sunday, September 26, 2010

On MOBA games

Why are multiplayer online battle arenas so goddamn fun? It started with DotA (Defense of the Ancients), eventually got bored with years of playing and jumped to LoL (League of Legends)when I got wind of it.

I can't really pin point what makes it so, but I can always see myself playing hours on end. Is it the sense of satisfaction when you successfully ganked an enemy? The rush of adrenaline as the entire team is chasing you down in the bushes, with your comrades located at the opposite side of the map? Or the feeling of victory when your team completely turned the tides of an already losing game?

Sure, the player base is one of the worst types around online, but you just have to admit, that without humongous crybabies like them, games online overall would be a lot boring.

And MOBA games have them in spades.


  1. agreed. I loved dota & defense maps on wc3.

  2. but i hate games where you need teamwork bullshit

  3. I felt like a god when my team won a 32 man match of fat princess that lasted more than half an hour :')

  4. Fucking over crybabies, wannabes, and SRSONLY fags in online games is a game all its own.